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Regular expression online verification tool

1,Implement online custom regular expressions to extract text content
2,Validate any regular expression

What exactly is a regular expression?

When writing programs or web pages that process strings, there is often a need to find strings that meet certain complex rules. Regular expressions are the tools used to describe these rules. In other words, regular expressions are code that records text rules.

Common metacharacters
Code Description
. Matches any character except newline
\w Match letters or numbers or underscores
\s Matches any whitespace
\d Matching numbers
\b Match the beginning or end of a word
^ Match the beginning of a string
$ Match end of string
Common qualifiers
Code / syntax Description
* Repeat zero or more times
+ Repeat one or more times
? Repeat zero or one time
{n} Repeat n times
{n,} Repeat n or more times
{n,m} Repeat n to m times
Common antonyms
Code / syntax Description
\W Matches any characters that are not letters, numbers, underscores, or Chinese characters
\S Matches any character that is not a space character
\D Matches any non-digit character
\B Matches where the word is not beginning or ending
[^x] Matches any character except x
[^aeiou] Matches any character except the letters aeiou