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Why Js or Html compression?

1.With the popularity of Ajax, JavaScript has gained more and more attention from programmers.
2.Js is not easy to debug, too much code will seriously affect speed. When you are happy to improve the user experience and make a gorgeous effect, have you ever thought about optimizing the efficiency of Js, Js of a large website? Have been compressed
3.Js speed is divided into two types, download speed and execution speed. In order to download Js fast, you need to reduce the size of the js file as much as possible.In addition, combining multiple js files into one can also speed up web page downloads by reducing the number of server responses
4.You can encode the variable name and process name of Javascript to play a role in encrypting Js code and protect your labor success

Js code compression basic principles

1.Compress extra spaces and newlines
2.Remove comments, because comments are only useful to programmers and not useful to end users browsing the web.Removing can reduce file size
3.Replace the longer variable names and process names with short names.One can reduce the size and reduce the readability of the program to protect the success of your labor.