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About IP to Decimal Converter Tool

IP to decimal converter is a free IP address tool that converts the IPv4 or IPv6 address to its decimal form. That means the device converts the IP address to a human-readable or integer format.

Conversion of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses to decimal number

For this tool, as an example, we are taking the IPv4 address. It is the most used IP address, and most people can easily understand and be well aware of that format.

In IPv4 address, the address is divided into four sub-blocks, and each sub-block has a different weight powered by the number 256.

To manually convert the IPv4 address to decimal, you require the following calculations.

Suppose we have an IPv4 address: (that form referred to dotted decimal format)

IP Decimal Number Conversion = 16777216*129 + 65536*144 + 50*256 +56*1

IP Decimal Number = 2173710904

However, manually performing the conversion takes time and involves human error. Therefore, it's more satisfying to use an online tool like IP to Decimal Converter.

Enter an IP address and click on the "Convert" button. The tool provides you the following results.

  • Converted Decimal IP: 2173710904
  • IPV6 Compressed: ::ffff:8190:3238
  • IPV6 Expanded (Shortened): 0:0:0:0:0:ffff:8190:3238
  • IPV6 Expanded: 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:ffff:8190:3238

An IP to decimal converter can be helpful if you are doing cross-browser testing. For example, suppose your web application saves IP addresses in the database as base-10 numbers. In that scenario, you can generate test cases that verify whether converting a dot-separated IP to a decimal IP is done correctly.