Maximum common divisor online calculation tool

The greatest common factor, also known as the greatest common divisor and greatest common factor, refers to the largest of the divisors shared by two or more integers.

The greatest common divisor of a, b is denoted as (a, b). Similarly, the greatest common divisor of a, b, c is denoted as (a, b, c). The greatest common divisors of multiple integers have the same sign.

There are many ways to find the greatest common divisor. Common factors include prime factorization, short division, rolling phase division, and more subtraction.

The concept corresponding to the greatest common divisor is the least common multiple, and the least common multiple of a, b is recorded as [a, b].

If the number a is divisible by the number b, a is called a multiple of b, and b is called a divisor of a.

Both divisors and multiples represent the relationship of one integer to another, and cannot exist alone. For example, we can only say that 16 is a multiple of a certain number and 2 is a divisor of a certain number, but we cannot say in isolation that 16 is a multiple and 2 is a divisor.